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India Gold and Silver Metal Rates API

Authentic source for daily Gold and Silver prices with historical metals rates.

IBJA Gold prices are India's Benchmark rates.

What is IBJA Rates API ?

IBJA Rates API is a web service that allows you to access the latest Gold & Silver price rate via your application and use it to display, analyze, or compare the gold and silver rates and market trends across time periods. The API is easy to use and supports JSON formats. To get started, you need to register for an API key and follow the documentation on how to make requests and handle responses.

You can use IBJA Gold and Silver Rate API to connect to different software components used at your end like Core Banking Software (CBS) or Gold Loan Software etc etc. and allow them to communicate with the end user or consumers through your front-end interface.

Mission And Value

About IBJA

India Bullion and Jewellers Association (IBJA) is a 105 year old association based in Zaveri Bazar, Mumbai, India. IBJA publishes daily Gold opening (AM) and closing (PM) Rates. IBJA Gold rates are benchmark rates for issue of Sovereign Gold Bonds as per various notifications issued by the Ministry of Finance and Reserve Bank of India. IBJA Gold and Silver rates are also benchmark rates for Lending against Jewellery by NBFC and Bank as per RBI notifications. IBJA Rates are released for various purity (Gold 999, Gold 995, Gold 916, Gold 750, Gold 585 and Silver 999)


India's only Gold & Silver rates API

India’s Benchmark Gold rate

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) approved

Easy API Integration with any code

Esteemed Users

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IIFL Finance

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IBJA Gold and Silver Rates API is a powerful and easy-to-use API that allows you to access Daily opening and closing prices of gold and silver. Whether you are a trader, an investor, or a analyst, you can use IBJA Rates Gold API to get the most accurate and reliable information on the gold market. IBJA Rates provides 5 purity for Gold and 999 purity for silver. With IBJA Gold rates API, you can: - Track the current spot price of gold - Integrate gold data into your own applications and websites with simple and flexible API calls, IBJA rates Gold API is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to stay on top of the gold market with authentic and benchmark rates.


Why should one refer to IBJA Gold & Silver Rates

Any party using the IBJA Gold Price for valuation and pricing activities and in transactions and financial products are advised to subscribe IBJA rates thru API (Application Protocol Interface)

What is Benchmark Rates?

A benchmark rate is a rate that serves as a reference for other rates. Benchmark rates are important because they provide a standard and transparent way to price. The Gold and Silver rates are published by the India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd. IBJA is 105 year old association of Bullion dealers and Jewellers.

How Accurate and authentic is IBJA Rates API data?

The Gold and Silver rates are sourced from a wide range of data sources including jewelers- big and small, gold refineries, gold importers, bullion dealers and various other market sources nationally on a daily basis. IBJA’s proprietary algorithm reconciles these data points to provide accurate rates to the market using our simple to use API.

Is IBJA rates API free?

No, It is a paid subscription. To know more about the pricing write to or visit API Subscription Application page

News & Media


Punjab National Bank (PNB) uses IBJA Gold rates API for their retails gold loan.

IBJA Rates is the India’s benchmark for Gold Rates to be referred by all NBFCs and State & Co-Op Banks as per RBI circular

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Equitas Small Finance Bank Limited successfully integrates IBJA Gold Rates API

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India International Bullion Summit 2024 ( IIBS-9) was a grand success

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