What is IBJA Rates API ?

IBJA Rates API is a web service that allows you to access the latest Gold & Silver price rate via your application and use it to display, analyze, or compare the gold and silver rates and market trends across time periods. The API is easy to use and supports JSON formats. To get started, you need to register for an API key and follow the documentation on how to make requests and handle responses.
You can use IBJA Gold and Silver Rate API to connect to different software components used at your end like Core Banking Software (CBS) or Gold Loan Software etc etc. and allow them to communicate with the end user or consumers through your front-end interface.

Why should one refer to IBJA Gold & Silver Rates

Any party using the IBJA Gold Price for valuation and pricing activities and in transactions and financial products are advised to subscribe IBJA rates thru API (Application Protocol Interface)

What is Benchmark Rates?

A benchmark rate is a rate that serves as a reference for other rates. Benchmark rates are important because they provide a standard and transparent way to price. The Gold and Silver rates are published by the India Bullion and Jewellers Association Ltd. IBJA is 105 year old association of Bullion dealers and Jewellers.

How Accurate and authentic is IBJA Rates API data?

The Gold and Silver rates are sourced from a wide range of data sources including jewelers- big and small, gold refineries, gold importers, bullion dealers and various other market sources nationally on a daily basis. IBJA’s proprietary algorithm reconciles these data points to provide accurate rates to the market using our simple to use API.

Where can one see the RBI notices and circulars on usage of IBJA Rates?

a. The circular is published on the main home page of

Is IBJA Gold and Silver rates released including GST?

The Gold and Silver rates released by IBJA does not include GST, other taxes and making charges.

How many types of purity of Gold & Silver does IBJA API release?

We provide the following API Services:
  • Gold: 999 Purity equivalent to 24 Carats Pure Gold
  • Gold :995 Purity equivalent to 24 Carats Standard Gold
  • Gold :916 Purity equivalent to 22 carats
  • Gold :750 purity equivalent to 18 carats
  • Gold :585 purity equivalent to 14 carats
  • Silver :999 purity

How often are IBJA Rate refreshed?

The Rates are released every day at 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm (Opening and closing rates). The rates are not published on Sat / Sunday and other public/bank holidays and if you fetch rates using our API then you will get previous closing rates.

Does IBJA Rates API release State-wise or city-wise rates?

IBJA Rates API releases One India, One Rate for Gold of various purity and 999 purity Silver rate. IBJA DOES NOT release State-wise or city-wise rates.

How will IBJA Rates API be beneficial if subscribed?

  • No Human dependencies nor manual entries of gold & silver rates which may lead to human errors
  • The cost of API is much lesser compared to human resources which can be utilized for other productive organizational functions.
  • IBJA API can also help you to embed content to your site or application more efficiently.
  • Also you can customize the data as per the user's need which they use the most by creating your own internal dashboard.
  • Reports can be generated using your software and historical data can be saved for analytics once the API is integrated.
  • Weekly / Fortnightly rates can be derived without manual interventions and this function can be fully automated using your software.
  • Query can be generated for a specific date range or date.
  • Average rates of Gold & Silver (weekly/fortnightly/monthly) also can be pushed on real time to all the branches using your CBS software.

API Technology & Features

What technology is the IBJA Rates API built on?

  • IBJA has used POSTMAN as API development tool
  • IBJA API follows REST structures as standard to communication and data exchanges between web services.
  • JSON API is used to as Collaborator

How does IBJA rates API work?

  • IBJA rates API can communicate and push data to your softwares.
  • IBJA rates API can also help you to embed content to your site or application more efficiently.
  • IBJA rates API can be used to publish data automatically.

How easy is it to integrate IBJA rates API?

It is very easy to integrate as it uses the global standard of API Restful structure.

How to get IBJA Rates API document test kit?

Once you apply for the subscription here our team will connect with you and then share with you the API test kit

Has the API document feature details on integration?

Along with the API kit you will get the integration document which outlines the integration process which is simple to integrate in any software.

How can one test API functioning?

Once you have the API document you can use the credential to test API functioning here

Can IBJA daily rates be stored in my software database?

Yes, you are allowed to store the daily rates in you database and this you can use for your internal consumption and to create reports, queries etc. Note: you can reseller this database offline/online nor publish these rates on your website directly/indirectly without written permission of IBJA.

Do we get past historic rates data along with the API?

No, if you need past historical data then you need to write to

In which format the Historical data is shared?

Historical data is shared in .xls format only.

If the start date sent in request is a holiday, does IBJA API send data of the last working day or will it send an error?

If the start date sent in the request is a holiday no data will be sent by IBJA the API will send no record found as a response

Can IBJA Rates API provide rates for specific time frames?

If in the request a different start and end date is queried, API does not support this query. When you start using the API you will start saving the data in your local database. So you need to fire this query internally in your system to fetch these date ranges. Incase you need past historic data (upto last 20 years) we can provide on request, write to

Is IBJA Rates API Secure?

Your connection to our API is encrypted using bank-grade 256-bit SSL Encryption.

Does IBJA provide support during integration?

Yes, IBJA IT team will provide the necessary online support during the integration.

In case of any technical issues or data fetching issues during the subscription period will IBJA support?

Yes, in case of any technical issues or data fetching issues while using API IBJA IT team will provide support.

Does IBJA Rates iOS and Android development tools?

Yes, the API calls can be made to the native apps or by calling the web services.

How can the data be classified into categories?

Data can be classified based on gold purity examples (999, 995, 916 etc)

Pricing & Terms

Is IBJA rates API free?

No, It is a paid subscription. To know more about the pricing write to or visit API Subscription Application page

Can we get the Test API before payment?

Yes, on written confirmation on accepting to subscribe to IBJA API

What is the subscription period?

The subscription is for a minimum period of 1 year

Can we terminate the subscription?

Yes, you can terminate the subscription at any time during the peroid. However subscription fees paid once is non refundable.

Can retain the IBJA rates past data even post termination the subscription?

Yes, you can retain the IBJA rates database for your internal consumption only.

Can IBJA Rates or IBJA historical data can be resold?

The IBJA API subscribers cannot share or redistribute or resell the subscribed data in any form or in any medium directly or indirectly or publish the rates or publish historic data without the prior written consent from IBJA even after the subsciption period end. Incase found IBJA will initiate legal action.

With one single IBJA Rates API Subsciption can we share it our other group companies?

No, One API Subsciption license can be used only by one company in the group and cannot be shared. If you have multiple companies in your group and wish to subscribe for multiple license then you can apply for group license at a special price, please write to

Will IBJA address our grievances?

Grievances, if any, will be entertained to the IBJA API Subscribers